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Our Approach


Political position advocacy for or against parties, people and agendas has no place in the K-12, compulsory classroom. Most students, parents, and teachers agree. Political activity is out of control in today's public school classrooms, and that is what students, parents, and teachers have come together to launch the Classroom Code of Ethics Voter Initiative. If you agree, write to us and tell us your story, we will publish it if you like.

Our Story


We sought help from Representative Mark Finchem (LD-11), to sponsor a bill that would put into law protections for students and teachers who have been the victims of politically motivated bullying while attending classes, or teaching classes in various public school systems around Arizona.

Meet the Team

We are still growing the Team, and we need you!

Maybe You

Catherine Barrett

Initative Sponsor

A Master Teacher who has witnessed unrestrained political advocacy in the classroom.

Maybe You

Maybe You?

Petition Collection Captain

With 30 Legislative Districts in Arizona, organization will be the key to success.

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Mark Finchem

Legislative Advisor

Voter Initiatives are similar to legislative bills in that they both follow a similar construction, having a navigator in the drafting process helps.

Next Steps...

We need your help. If you agree that students and teachers should be protected from political bullying, write us at yes@classroomcodeofethics.com.