Public School Resources V. Political Campaign Resources

Our schools have been hijacked for political agenda centers of action, and our children and teachers are in the crossfire.

The Classroom Code of Ethics was launched for ONE simple reason, political promotion in the K-12 classroom has become so out of hand that children and teachers are now bullied for their beliefs. Enough!


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Since 1993

This measure implements Code of Ethics and requires the State Board of Education to adopt rules adopting the Code of Ethics and enforcement procedures. Requires the Code of Ethics adopted to prohibit public school teachers from engaging in classroom political advocacy, defined as advocating for or against legislation, elected officials and candidates, political parties, and judicial decisions. Teachers may discuss historical matters, defined as legislation over fifty year’s old and elected officials and candidates who served or ran over fifty years ago. Gives the Attorney General and respective county attorneys, and all residents, standing to enforce this measure.


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We need 260,000 signatures from across the state on the voter initiative petition by April 30, 2020, we need you to carry a petition for others to sign! To become a signature gatherer, wite yes@classroomcodeofethics.com today.